April Lunar Eclipse

14Apr2014_lunar eclipse_03

We were all excited about the lunar eclipse and I told the boys I’d wake them if the sky was clear. I woke just after 3am to find a clear sky with a bit of cloud lightly rolling by the moon. I tried my darndest to wake the boys but to no avail. Ahhh, to sleep so well!

I grabbed my camera and took some shots.  At first our cat, Gypsy, was sitting in the window and it made the perfect image – a cat silhouetted against the moon! As soon as I crouched to get the shot she jumped off of the window sill! Guess she was trying to break the black cat and full moon stereotype! ;)

I managed to make a short gif which is easier than posting 13 images over time. (How ironic that I just happened to edit down to 13!) It’s a little wonky as I wasn’t using a tripod and the first couple of shots were from inside the house and the rest were outside, which is why there is a bit of a jump in progression. The gif is on a loop so you may have to wait a moment to see it from the beginning.

How timely it was that once the moon was fully eclipsed the cloud settled in heavier and I saw it no longer. Nonetheless, it is always a bit of a magical experience!



We’ve been having a great time reading through The Weather Watcher’s Handbook. It has been a slow read because we keep stopping to learn more about the weather and watch some great videos online. Today we learned about wind and air pressure and did a super fun eggsperiment (that’s right) to show the effects of air pressure. Super fun!

We were left wondering how to get the egg out… ;)

eggIf you haven’t picked up a copy of The Weather Watcher’s Handbook yet, I have to ask, “What are you waiting for, Spring?” You may be waiting a while. ;)

Signs of Spring

This past Saturday was my birthday. There was no way I was staying inside and thank goodness it wasn’t a Wednesday or we would certainly be having a storm of some sort as past Wednesdays have shown. Luckily, after the last Wednesday’s crazy blizzard with hurricane force gusts (oh yippee) the weather took a break and much of the snow melted. It was damp and muddy but just fine for going outside if you asked me! ;)

I love peeking off the trails and finding little fluffy bundles of friendly lichen like these pixie cups. So wonderful to see!

29Mar2014_Point Pleasant_02If my search was correct, these are British Soldier lichen amidst what we boys and I call a Fairy Forest.

29Mar2014_Point Pleasant_0829Mar2014_Point Pleasant_07I was so excited to see this little guy – a sure sign of spring! Coltsfoot!

29Mar2014_Point Pleasant_11A very common lichen here in NS – Old Man’s Beard.

29Mar2014_Point Pleasant_12

The boys took a break at Prince of Whales Tower. Then Stephen joined them as I went trampling around in the mud.
29Mar2014_Point Pleasant_13photo

We ended up at the shore and spotted this blubbery dude out on the rocks! Sea lion I do believe! Wish I’d had my other camera at this point – oh well. Can you see him/her hanging off of the rock over the water? I know it’s not very clear but I couldn’t help but take a picture anyway.

29Mar2014_Point Pleasant_18

One spot overlooking the harbour was perfect for some javelin throwing using old broken branches. Good fun!

As we left the park the blue sky appeared for a bit, something we haven’t seen much of these days! A good day indeed.

Ice on the trail

A couple of weeks ago we went, yet again, to our favourite park for a walk on the trails. It was a mild day and the walk was very slippery but the boys didn’t mind! There were some very cool ice formations here and there and I couldn’t help but take some pictures.15Feb2014Shubie Ice_01 15Feb2014Shubie Ice_03The boys spotted this leaf below the ice. It was moving gently from the flow of water around it as the ice melted.

15Feb2014Shubie Ice_05 15Feb2014Shubie Ice_06Luckily the water here is only a few feet deep with no current. Great for safety when viewing ice floats.

15Feb2014Shubie Ice_07The boys spotted this piece floating by and I managed to grab it. It was clear as glass.

15Feb2014Shubie Ice_09Of course, the ducks saw us and thought we had food! Sorry ducks, not allowed to feed you, park rules! (although many do anyway)

15Feb2014Shubie Ice_10 15Feb2014Shubie Ice_11Bubbles!15Feb2014Shubie Ice_13The boys wanted me to take a pic of this piece as well and I thought I’d go in for a closer look.

15Feb2014Shubie Ice_14It’s amazing the forms that take shape as ice melts.

15Feb2014Shubie Ice_15Since this day a couple of weeks ago there has been snow and rain. Does not make for a fun trek. Hope to go out again soon – we all need that fresh air and sun! Come on Spring – we are ready!


Germs germs everywhere!

We’ve been fortunate this winter to be sick-free…until a couple of days ago when Xman got a cold. Ironically enough, in Minecraft Homeschool the assignment this week has to do with germs and this is one if the videos they watch before they build their germs and the hospitals to hold the sick. Glad to know that we’ve taught the kids to cover their sneeze the most effective way…whew!

Here’s a cute one.

Also, if interested in books we have found the Your Body Battles series to be fun and informative. Xman said between sniffles that he wants us to get them from the library again. :)

body battles

Found object fun

The boys love to construct things as most kids do. I came home from work to find they had made a car from things around the house. Very cool! They said, “Mommy can you take some pictures for the blog?” “Of course!”

The second pic shows Xman rolling some sort of Mario shell to the imaginary car in front – I am only somewhat familiar with Mario Cart because although I have played it I am not very good. Oh, and yes, that’s an energy drink can he has in his hand. It’s been a very busy semester for Stephen, but hey, at least it’s natural ingredients, right? ;)

Vrrroooom vrooooom!

23Feb2014_ Found Object Car_01 23Feb2014_ Found Object Car_02

Make and Listen

Today I am happy to be joining Dawn for her make and listen along Thursdays.

It’s been a busy week and much creating has been done to come to the end results of these projects.

The boys have been keen on making clay animals and are loving mythical creatures right now. They finished these polymer clay figures earlier this week, with a little help from me. It was super fun and I think I want to make one too! :)

Feb20_2014_Make-n-Listen_05Feb20_2014_Make-n-Listen_06 L even made a holder for his sword. :)

Feb20_2014_Make-n-Listen_07Feb20_2014_Make-n-Listen_08 Feb20_2014_Make-n-Listen_09We had great fun mapping out the bottom floor of our house. The boys used x’s on their maps to hide word cards for me to find, to be made into a story at a later date. L decided to go freestyle and draw the rooms as he saw them and even added the toaster, cutting board, tv and many other items around the house. Xman wanted a more exact measurement so we went around and measured each room showing that one square equals two feet. It was great fun had by all!

Feb20_2014_Make-n-Listen_01 Feb20_2014_Make-n-Listen_02

The boys wanted me to add this to the post: this is Burrito. He is made from a fraction of the Hero Factory/Bionicle pieces that the boys have. He is over a foot tall. Makes me wonder how big one would be using all of their pieces! Eek!

Feb20_2014_Make-n-Listen_10And last but certainly not least…dum dum dum….!!!

I finished my sock.

Proud of myself and it’s oh so comfy. It wasn’t hard at all – that is with help from YouTube’s Knitpicks sock class series. Super helpful!

Now onto sock number 2.

Feb20_2014_Make-n-Listen_03 Feb20_2014_Make-n-Listen_04

Happy week everyone!