Speed Cube

We just recently celebrated yet another birthday – our boys are only 11 days apart as far as birthdates go! This time we celebrated a 10 year old! Yay! Double digits!

We woke early to celebrate Xman coming into our lives at 8:14am. I loved seeing the excitement in this eyes. How dear it is to celebrate these days!

Xman only asked for two things and even though he knew by the wrapping that he had received both he was still very excited.

He has been wanting a speed cube for quite a while. We have watch YouTube videos of people solving the cube in record time and he is so keen to try. I remember spending hours and hours with my Rubik’s Cube as a kid. The Cube is designed with rounded edges for faster turning. It’s pretty smooooooth.17oct2016_xs-bday_27 17oct2016_xs-bday_40Nerf is always a winner in our house. This Stratobow is a powerful dart blaster!17oct2016_xs-bday_32 17oct2016_xs-bday_34The afternoon was all about enjoying the beautiful fall weather and a little Pokémon searching.

Of course, it isn’t a birthday without cake…and our traditional family pictures!
17oct2016_xs-bday_48 17oct2016_xs-bday_56 Haha! 17oct2016_xs-bday_59 17oct2016_xs-bday_71 17oct2016_xs-bday_77

Happy 10 Xman,ya…! 🙂



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