A little bit more ‘about us’…

I realize that we have had this blog for over a year and haven’t written the ‘about us’ part. I think that is because we share about us in our posts. That’s okay, right?

I find with our days so busy, as many of you can personally attest and relate, keeping track of photos taken and events of the everyday and milestone variety are a challenge. This blog gives us a way to do that, and keep in touch with those we love who are not nearby.

We also love to make new connections and share what we learn about our homeschool ways: the good, the bad and the ugly crying of which luckily the latter is rare.

It’s not just a way for us to log our schooling and share our learning, it’s also a place for us to make our lives feel significant somehow, by the ‘putting it down on paper’ you could say.

Sharing in that significance with others is soulful.

We may find that in all of our differences there are some similarities that join us all together.

So, grab a tea and read. Share what you feel, what you think or if you are the shy type, just simply read and enjoy.