Happy 40th!

I‚Äôve been having some grief with uploading images for this post so I am a little late in finishing this one. As it turns out, apostrophes in file names is a bad thing. ūüôā

Stephen just recently¬†celebrated¬†his 40th birthday! As tradition with birthdays we had a lovely morning breakfast at Cora’s and then a relaxing day just hanging out.¬†img_0895¬†Since Stephen had some pretty big plans the next morning he had a simple birthday cupcake to celebrate.blowing-out-candle Each time one of us has a birthday we take a family picture which usually takes quite some time because it‚Äôs just a bit of a challenge for us to be serious.16sep2016_steves-40th_20We finally did manage one serious one.

That night was the full moon for September. It was a beautifully clear night with just a wisp of cloud. As soon as I took this picture more clouds rolled in as they do in a harbour town and hid the moon. It was so lovely while it lasted and I was happy to get a good shot!
16sep2016_steves-40th_29 Stephen was up early the next morning to run a marathon (thus the cupcake shown earlier). He trained hard for months oftentimes running early in the morning before work and in the evenings after the boys were in bed. Below is a picture that Stephen took when he arrived around 6:30am at the marathon location. When Stephen first showed me this I thought nothing much of it until I realized that was the moon in the sky on that clear and bright marathon morning. marathon-morning

And of course, I forgot my phone at home so I was not able to take a picture of Stephen crossing the finish line. It was quite a memorable moment though. The boys were super excited to see him cross and we were all amazed by anyone who could run that far (or even walk part of it as some did!) and so proud of him for keeping up the training and making it happen! That evening we had celebrated with yummy carrot cake. That is a very tired but happy Stephen!cake


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