A little science and some bowling

I love it when we can fit in a science experiment using everyday items. We do need to get to the hobby shop to buy some supplies but for now it’s nice to be able to make do with what we have. So yesterday we sliced ice. It was fun to watch the wire cut through the ice and then the ice patch itself back up once the wire had passed through. Love this stuff. I always wonder why I didn’t when I went to school, though…I get to relive it now!IMG_5654IMG_5653IMG_5660Just recently a Home school Tween group was started on FB and so every week or other week this is something planned like bowling or going to an indoor play place to meet and get some good fun physical activity going. Hopefully once the weather here is a bit friendlier we can start something outside too!  There is also going to be a regular meet-up to play Magic: The Gathering!

Today we went bowling and the boys had a great time!IMG_5671Spare!IMG_5675These fast moving kids are no match for my phone in a dark bowling alley! Why are they so dark, anyway. I felt blinded when we went outside! IMG_5677Good times!!IMG_5681

Nature excursion and search

We have had a couple of fun weeks keeping our eyes peeled more than usual for fun and interesting bits of nature for our nature exchange. Two wonderful places we went were Lawrencetown Beach and Point Pleasant Park, and also a gravel road to find pyrite!

We had a great time and can’t wait to send our package off and see what we receive in return!

We went to the beach in search of fun things to exchange but spent most of the time enjoying the water – I planned well with the rain boots! What a glorious time we had and the boys can’t wait to do it again.

2013Oct22_Lawrencetown Beach_082013Oct22_Lawrencetown Beach_07Waiting for the water to fill up their boots!

2013Oct22_Lawrencetown Beach_13

Out comes the water!2013Oct22_Lawrencetown Beach_16Which makes for very wet socks!2013Oct22_Lawrencetown Beach_18Spotted some wildlife on the way home.
2013Oct22_Lawrencetown Beach_19Some fun flyers!2013Oct22_Lawrencetown Beach_22Point Pleasant Park
2013Oct26_Point Pleasant Park_01Sumac tree berries?
2013Oct26_Point Pleasant Park_04Perhaps some of you remember the Asian Longhorn Beetle passing through the park and destroying many a tree after Hurrican Juan had already thinned out the forest. It is still a beautiful place to go walking but where you couldn’t see from one trail to the next, at times you now can as the forest is much less dense. (sad face)

2013Oct26_Point Pleasant Park_06A short visit to the Prince of Wales Tower to see the canons and the canon balls.
2013Oct26_Point Pleasant Park_07 Permanent resident.2013Oct26_Point Pleasant Park_08Some of the left over stumps from trees that had to be cut down.
2013Oct26_Point Pleasant Park_09 I could not go without finding at least one mushroom!2013Oct26_Point Pleasant Park_15This was the coolest trunk! Look at those amazing swirls!
2013Oct26_Point Pleasant Park_20 2013Oct26_Point Pleasant Park_21Learning how to skip rocks.

2013Oct26_Point Pleasant Park_23 2013Oct26_Point Pleasant Park_24 2013Oct26_Point Pleasant Park_25

I am a few weeks behind with our Homeschool Adventures posts – those will come next, pinky promise! 😉

birthday busy-ness


Today was a wonderful day and I must say, looking back, that there wasn’t a sour moment.

L was a ball of energy and smiles galore from the moment he awoke. We had breakfast then hurried off to his MITE theatre class.

Afterwards, with none of us prepared for the chill that a mere 5 degrees can bring, we quickly retired from the community centre playground to our place with the boys’ friends in tow. It was a bit like an impromptu party for L with new toys and friends and yummy muffins. Oh, and coffee and tea for the adults, of course!

After lunch the four of us went glow in the dark mini-putting where X beat us all as far as getting the most hole-in-ones. 4! Craziness! It was weird because, being part of a bowling alley, the mini-put room reeked like greasy food which somehow reminded me of sushi pizza. Odd, I know!

Off to Chapters for a snack and some fun in the Kidzone. And as time flies when you are having fun suddenly it was time to come home for dinner. Xman helped me make the dough for the pizza perogies and even rolled some out all on his own. We may have a future chef on our hands!

After our yummy dinner we sang to L and had some cake. Now Sonic and Knuckles are upstairs in their own little makeshift beds next to the boys as they sleep.

A good day had by all. And a happy birthday, too!

Here are some pics of our evening dinner making and L’s cake.




Adding Tofurkey slices and cheese or pizza sauce, cheese, fried tofu cubes and veg pepperoni. Either way it’s so yummy!



Into the oven…


Out of the oven…


Mmm…hot and so tasty! Pizza perogies!


The Sonic cake with some Dino friends from cake toppings of previous years. Why not, right?