A busy but good day

Yesterday was a darn cold day. We didn’t go out for the trail walk as planned due to the road conditions outside of the city. We did, however, go to Chapters so that the boys could use some of their holiday money to buy more Lego, Minecraft Lego. But, we had to finish our lessons first and I have to say, it was smooth going!

I happily wore the hat that I just finished knitting the night before. So warm. Love it!


Our lessons include handwork. X is knitting a scarf on needles and L is using one of the loom kits. He is so adept at it. If I can get him to do even 15 minutes a day he will have it finished in no time!

L hat

Xman and I did some time-telling practice with this fun little book I picked up a while ago. The pages are magnetic as are the little pieces so it’s quite fun! Xman is pretty good with telling time but when it comes to analog without the numbers it takes a bit of practice.

clock clock practiceI took some time during their copy work to prepare some kale chips – so good!


And these cookies…oh my goodness you just have to try them – so many good things to be found.

Pixie cookies

Lessons done and off we go to get the Lego. I have to say, Minecraft and Lego really is the perfect combination…

l lego X lego

While the boys Lego’d it up I took a bit of time to check out these new arrivals and put that Dreamscapes book to good use right away!


*if you do get the pattern for the hat here are a couple of corrections:

Row 17: *k5, p6, k5, p1* to end
Row 18: *k3, p10, k3, p1* to end

birthday busy-ness


Today was a wonderful day and I must say, looking back, that there wasn’t a sour moment.

L was a ball of energy and smiles galore from the moment he awoke. We had breakfast then hurried off to his MITE theatre class.

Afterwards, with none of us prepared for the chill that a mere 5 degrees can bring, we quickly retired from the community centre playground to our place with the boys’ friends in tow. It was a bit like an impromptu party for L with new toys and friends and yummy muffins. Oh, and coffee and tea for the adults, of course!

After lunch the four of us went glow in the dark mini-putting where X beat us all as far as getting the most hole-in-ones. 4! Craziness! It was weird because, being part of a bowling alley, the mini-put room reeked like greasy food which somehow reminded me of sushi pizza. Odd, I know!

Off to Chapters for a snack and some fun in the Kidzone. And as time flies when you are having fun suddenly it was time to come home for dinner. Xman helped me make the dough for the pizza perogies and even rolled some out all on his own. We may have a future chef on our hands!

After our yummy dinner we sang to L and had some cake. Now Sonic and Knuckles are upstairs in their own little makeshift beds next to the boys as they sleep.

A good day had by all. And a happy birthday, too!

Here are some pics of our evening dinner making and L’s cake.




Adding Tofurkey slices and cheese or pizza sauce, cheese, fried tofu cubes and veg pepperoni. Either way it’s so yummy!



Into the oven…


Out of the oven…


Mmm…hot and so tasty! Pizza perogies!


The Sonic cake with some Dino friends from cake toppings of previous years. Why not, right?