Kiwi Crate fun

This morning was full of excitement as the boys opened their first Tinker Crate by Kiwi Crate. I cannot even recall how I heard about these cool kits but shortly before I ordered this one a friend had just received their first box and their daughter loved it. So we took a chance.

I ordered the Tinker Crate for ages 9-12. One for both boys. They shared well as they took turns putting together the kit with the directions.

They got to make a Zoetrope and isn’t that the coolest first project!! We’ve been wanting to make one but just haven’t gotten around to it so this was certainly a treat.

03Feb2015Zoetrope & Snow_01The kit comes with everything you need to make it, except scissors. So it’s perfect.

03Feb2015Zoetrope & Snow_02There are marbles that go below the base of the zoetrope to help it glide along smoothly.

03Feb2015Zoetrope & Snow_03The kit even comes with pictures to place in the film holder and they are numbered on the back to make sure they go in in the right order. It also comes with three blank sheets for making your own!

03Feb2015Zoetrope & Snow_05We had to show a couple of videos just for fun. The kit also notes some tips such as shining a light on the zoetrope as you spin it so that you can see the moving image better. It helped with the videos too.

Xman read through the whole Tinkerzine, a magazine that comes with the kit which explains the history of animation from the Lumber brothers to Edison. He was completely enthralled.

03Feb2015Zoetrope & Snow_06 03Feb2015Zoetrope & Snow_04L loved putting together the kit but once he’d played with it a few times he was itching to go outside and dig a tunnel through the big pile of ice and snow that came down yesterday. I can’t blame him. Super fun childhood memories for me!

Eventually we got to our lessons and the boys were the first to use my new yarn bowl. It arrived yesterday with the Kiwi Crate and they were excited to try it out. Is it awesome and on sale and the shipping is very reasonable. It is an early birthday gift from my husband. 🙂

You should get one. 😉

03Feb2015Zoetrope & Snow_09

L making his hat.03Feb2015Zoetrope & Snow_08 03Feb2015Zoetrope & Snow_07X making a scarf.

03Feb2015Zoetrope & Snow_11

L really wanted to go back outside and dig and Xman joined him with a ladle and a pie cutter to help cut through the ice which worked quite well. The ladle got bent a bit but all in fun, I say. The boys stayed outside in -11C plus windchill for over an hour and came in tired and sweaty. Time for a snack and warm chocolate mylk!

There was just a bit of ice on the windows this morning…

03Feb2015Zoetrope & Snow_10

Luckily, not all of the windows got the freezing rain on them. I was able to take a picture of the boys having a great time clearing away the frozen snow from the back door. Thank you, boys! 🙂

03Feb2015_Zoetrope & Snow_12




4 thoughts on “Kiwi Crate fun

  1. How cool. I was thinking about ordering a tinker crate for my boys for February vacation week. Now I definitely will! And the yarn bowl is fabulous. My sister gave me a ceramic one for my birthday last year, but I’m nervous that it will get broken when I cart it around with me.

    • We were quite impressed with the Tinker Crate. It’s a nice break for me too, so instead of driving around to get supplies they just get delivered, directions and all!
      As for the bowl, one of the reasons I went for the wood is because I am sure to drop it. 😉 I’d love to see a pic of your bowl!

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