Today we celebrate Brigid, the goddess of water and fire. It is now about halfway between winter and spring and as the sun is in our skies longer we start to notice the days are longer.

As part of our lessons today, we talked about Brigid (Saint Brigid is her Christian name) and read a story from Circle Round and then made Brigit soup and goldfish crackers. L decided to call the soup Fire Soup as the ingredients are like the colours of the sun and Brigid is the goddess of fire. The crackers, since I didn’t have fish cookie cutters and simply scored them into squares – someone should really make tessellated cookie cutters by the way – are now called Fire Crackers. Cool, right?

…and it was all sooo good!



5 thoughts on “Brigid

  1. Sounds yummy and warm!
    I had no idea about this but made a soup that was yellow mostly in colour and “cheeze” vegan crackers. ….I guess my soul knew naturally about this??!! I will have to post the photo on instagram 🙂

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