Looking back…a week of images.

I find lately that I just don’t have the time or organization skills (but I am working on it!) to post more times through the week. I hate editing photos so I procrastinate. I mostly just use my iPhone now because after years and years of editing thousands of wedding photos I find it so much easier. So for today I decided to do one post for what we did this past week. This is the Xman burrito. It happens often during our morning yoga circle time. The boys get hot and take off their pj tops and end up rolling themselves up in their mat. I think this is more along the lines of Xman sushi but that’s probably because I would choose sushi over a burrito. 😉 Xman-burrito L’s list of what set Lego should manufacture. I think Lego How to Train Your Dragon would be pretty cool. And the astronomy. Totally. And the Wings of Fire is a series of novels on dragons so that’s just cool anyway. Oh, and Norse Mythology would be super neat – not just the mini figures but entire worlds with Yggdrasil and the nine worlds. Lego-wish-sets   We attended a program at the local history museum on water. This globe is the coolest thing and there are only two in Canada. It projects different images onto the world from four separate projects to create one full image showing water currents, global temperatures, major natural disasters over the years and so much more.   Globe The kids visited different animal stations such as garter snakes, bullfrog and bees and find out how the animals use water.   You just cannot have a natural history museum without the bees! The bees nest inside in this structure all year round and have a tube attached to the outside of the building. Look at all those bee bums busy busy busy! Bee-bums Bee-Life-CycleThe bees don’t live as long in the cooler weather, usually about a month on average and as they die the other bees deposit them in the tube leading outside. Once there is a pile-up the dead bees are taken out of the tube and dropped onto the ground. Kind of like taking out the garbage in winter. No one really wants to do it! Dead-Bees Once at home the boys chilled with some of their favourite books. Xman is a big fan of the Hilda series. Well, he is the biggest fan of them as we all like them. Hilda And then there is the Calvin and Hobbes anthologies Book 1 & 2. I couldn’t believe how big they were when they came in for us at the library! L is already finished the first book. So happy that the boys love Calvin. 🙂

Calvin-&-HobbesI hope you all had a good week! Feel free to share and/or attach a link!

Happy weekending!


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