wet snow, fun hike

We had a wonderful hike yesterday as the weather warmed up to 2C. It was icy and wet but the kids made the best of it. I’m glad that I purchased some Yaktrax before we went out – they did the job in the slippery conditions!

We fed chickadees as usual, marvelled over the moss and found many a duck print in the snow. At the end, the kids had a snowball fight which ended in us all sliding down the wet hill to get to the parking area. It’s okay to get wet when you are on your way home! The boys took off their snow pants, boots and socks as soon as we were in the car. We were tired and energized at the same time!

water-droplet moss leafxman-eating-ice locke-ice


I’m off to get myself ready for a hike this morning with the ladies! It’s a balmy -13C with -24C windchill. Perfect for a winter hike! Put on your woolies!

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