Snow Fun!

The boys had a great time outside yesterday. They went out in the morning which was great for the fresh air, stretching those bodies and getting some good movement in, plus the fun!

A couple of weeks ago we had filled up water balloons and added food colouring then put them into the freezer. The weather here has been all over the place, going from freezing to above zero so they never came out for fear of them melting outside. But the last few days have been so cold and with so much snow coming down that it was time. It was so neat to see the bright colours against the snow!

06Feb2015_Snow Fun01

The boys made little snow ‘forts’ for themselves. The back yard didn’t get the drifts of snow made for tunnelling but our front yard is pretty nonexistent so tunnelling so close to the street is not my idea of safety.

06Feb2015_Snow Fun02

Just enough room to lay down. I called him my snow vampire. 😉

06Feb2015_Snow Fun05

The boys had a great time and even found some chunks of ice under the layers of snow.

06Feb2015_Snow Fun03

Xman placed the slab of ice on the outside of his fort as his marker. I couldn’t see it clearly with the camera so he added the frozen water balloons in front.

He’s aiming but didn’t throw until my back was turned. Sneaky bugger. 🙂 Actually, he knew that was better as cameras do not like the snow!

06Feb2015_Snow Fun06

A little protection from the wind and a snug place to rest. 🙂

06Feb2015_Snow Fun04The boys took to the porch and made a little sliding area. Oh, if only this hill we lived on extended to our back yard! But they had fun nonetheless. I am so happy that they are enjoying the snow so much these days!

06Feb2015_Snow Fun08 06Feb2015_Snow Fun07

4 thoughts on “Snow Fun!

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  2. So fun! We spent most of the day outside too. Dylan has a very nice snow ace going! Hopefully you guys will be able to come see it soon!
    LOVE the ice balloons. We made some too!

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