The Truth About Nature Book

I can’t help myself. I have to tell you about this book because we are loving it!

It’s called The Truth About Nature by Stacy Tornio and Ken Keffer. Their other books include The Outdoor Adventure Book, We Love Nature, and Project Garden.


The boys ask to look at The Truth About Nature every day. They could easily read it themselves but this book is much more fun to go through together. It’s kind of an interactive book.

The book is broken down into four sections on the seasons. In each section there are ‘Myths Debunked’. These myths are graded on a scale of 1-3 depending on their amount of truth, scale 3 being a total myth with no truth to it. The boys love me to read these to them and they guess the myth scale of each such as:

•Porcupines can’t throw their quills. (Myth scale of 1, 2 or 3?)

•The sun is yellow.

•Owls can spin their heads all the way around.

•Deserts are always hot.

You’d be surprised at how many of these myths I believed growing up! Not only do they debunk the myths but they introduce you to the half-truths and real truths of nature. They also add some additional interesting facts such as …

“Scientists estimate that only 20% of all deserts in the world are covered with sand.”


Cool, right? Actually, yes, it is cool because deserts can get pretty cold at night. 😉


Other features include:

•Stranger thank Fiction, forty amazing facts about nature

•Luck Legends, cultures with superstitions on what to do for good luck

•Weather legends, theories on predicting weather

•Be a Scientist, activities and experiments where you bust some myths by doing your own testing (we did the water balloon experiment where you freeze water in balloons to see if the water expands when frozen)


Cool again, right?


This is surely a book to keep us guessing and learning all year long. Find it at your local library or just pick yourself up a copy!




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  1. This looks great! My kids love myth-busting books and fact books (and they love to show off with their newly-discovered facts!). I’ll for sure keep my eyes out for this one next time I’m in a book store.

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