A little Mad Science and the joy of cleaning (when someone else does it)

Yesterday the boys were invited to a Mad Science birthday party. It was awesome! They had a great time learning about dry ice and carbon dioxide in different forms.
09Feb2015_Snow Fun0209Feb2015_Snow Fun04 09Feb2015_Snow Fun06They also got to make their own bouncy balls! Here is Xman getting some help from the fabulous Mad Science teacher. She is pouring crystals into a ball mold.
09Feb2015_Snow Fun07Next was the wait while the crystals soaked up the water to make…

09Feb2015_Snow Fun08…a bouncy ball! They really bounce too!
09Feb2015_Snow Fun09


Today, the boys decided to clean all of our apples once they realized that they float. I had to tell them about the whole ‘bobbing for apples’ challenge and why it’s so tough to get an apple. I’ve never bobbed for apples myself as I’d be sure to lose. I know, I’m no fun!10Feb2015_apple washing_01 10Feb2015_apple washing_02 10Feb2015_apple washing_03 10Feb2015_apple washing_04After the apple washing – which included cleaning the drawer for the fridge – the boys were so geared up to keep cleaning that they proceeded to mop and dry the floors, and dust. I vacuumed first and let them do the rest.

They loved it. And so did I. 🙂 😛



2 thoughts on “A little Mad Science and the joy of cleaning (when someone else does it)

  1. What a great party! And oh, yes, cleaning is much more fun when someone else does it! I’ve got my boys on picking up, vacuuming and mopping duty every weekend. It’s not exactly fun, since it involves a lot of reminding (from me) and protesting (from them), but it’s still nicer than doing it myself!

    • Awesome, Andrea! I love that you have cleaning on a regular schedule! The boys keep talking of doing this but as I am kinda the schedule maker I fall short in the planning of it. For my sake I should make it happen – and they love it so that’s a win win! 🙂

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