…in with the new!

It’s been a few weeks and a lot of work while the house has been resided. The change for us is very exciting but we also watched it happen so it’s a bit less of a surprise. We do love our new home – okay we haven’t moved but our house has been transformed and it’s wonderful! Oh, and the chimney in our back room is gone so it’s much quieter and we don’t need a bucket any longer to catch the rain that got in through the chimney – yay!

Did I mention how cozy it is in here now even with the chill and rain outside? We are almost finished updating this 1916 home and growing quite attached in the process.

It’s pretty. 🙂

Here is an image from an old post when our new porch was added:

20111011-151816.jpg… and now new siding!

siding framed

Homeschool Adventure Week #5

X ended up catching a cold again this week so there was a lot of low energy going around. I brought L to sports class this week while X stayed home with Daddy and played Yahtzee. I really didn’t want him running around being all snot-filled and feeling like he just wanted to lay down and rest. That being said, L scored a goal during their soccer game!

This week was filled with little projects and board games, me second shooting a wedding on Thursday (weird I know!), reading and resting, and Xman really wanting to clean the floors!

X Washing floorX-floor-wash

Floor washing attracts a curious Gypsy girl!


L got the Lego Play Book for his birthday and he has been building a miniature town complete with a museum, beach and hover trucks.


The days were beautiful so we took advantage by spending our time outside playing chess, strategizing, snacking and planning more creations.



X won chess pretty much fair and square I gotta say.


…all while the house siding is being torn down around us to make way for new siding!


L and I played scrabble and I showed him how to incorporate one word into another while utilizing the ‘triple word score’ making him beat me by a long shot. See bottom left where he added ‘go’ to ‘car’ then next turn ‘soy’ to ‘cargo’. Great game!


We read a FABULOUS book by Neil Gaiman which had the boys and I roaring with laughter and enjoying the notion that time travel can make someone be in two places at one time, while flying in a Floaty-Ball-Person-Carrier with a dinosaur. Dinosaurs aren’t really extinct, did you know that?

I just finished reading a wonderful book filled with myth and magic which has left images in my head and set my mind to wondering…and wandering…

We have a cousin arriving today for a week of visiting! I am glad and thankful that Xman was so keen to clean the floors!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend – we bought two Tofurkey’s this time around because last year we found they were so good that one just wasn’t enough! 😉

front deck: day 3

Okay… so, I just realized that even though this is the post for “front deck: day 3”, it’s really only the second day given “day 1” had zero activity.

No big.

Today the workers showed up at 7:30 am, on the nose, to get started early. The workers had to wear gloves so their hands didn’t freeze. Eeesh! Goodbye warm days.

When they first started we had no deck and the roof was being held up by angled supports. By the time we headed out, a little after lunch, the workers had almost completed the framing…

Movin’ right along…

We were gone for a few hours for a bit of birthday fun (our Lucas turned 7 today 🙂 ) and came back just as the workers were driving away. They were nice enough to stop and get out to talk us through everything they had done (A LOT!) and what they had left to do.

Day 3-2 Deck Progress

The original stairs were treacherously steep (94 year old house) so, the new ones have to be set back an additional 14″ to meet code. That’s no big, but the gentlemen working our deck need to do a bit of figuring for where the stairs meet the ground.

All-in-all a solid day.

The workers will back again first thing tomorrow morning. Very much looking forward the day’s progress. 🙂