A busy but good day

Yesterday was a darn cold day. We didn’t go out for the trail walk as planned due to the road conditions outside of the city. We did, however, go to Chapters so that the boys could use some of their holiday money to buy more Lego, Minecraft Lego. But, we had to finish our lessons first and I have to say, it was smooth going!

I happily wore the hat that I just finished knitting the night before. So warm. Love it!


Our lessons include handwork. X is knitting a scarf on needles and L is using one of the loom kits. He is so adept at it. If I can get him to do even 15 minutes a day he will have it finished in no time!

L hat

Xman and I did some time-telling practice with this fun little book I picked up a while ago. The pages are magnetic as are the little pieces so it’s quite fun! Xman is pretty good with telling time but when it comes to analog without the numbers it takes a bit of practice.

clock clock practiceI took some time during their copy work to prepare some kale chips – so good!


And these cookies…oh my goodness you just have to try them – so many good things to be found.

Pixie cookies

Lessons done and off we go to get the Lego. I have to say, Minecraft and Lego really is the perfect combination…

l lego X lego

While the boys Lego’d it up I took a bit of time to check out these new arrivals and put that Dreamscapes book to good use right away!


*if you do get the pattern for the hat here are a couple of corrections:

Row 17: *k5, p6, k5, p1* to end
Row 18: *k3, p10, k3, p1* to end

4 thoughts on “A busy but good day

  1. hello there, i’m also a home schooling mama. stumbled here from Kim’s blog.
    my 6 yr-old doesn’t do minecraft, but at our social meet-up this week most of the children had their heads in the game. apparently using a hub. no idea lol
    my girl has been doing some cross-stitching. it really is lovely to have them do handwork. mine can be so cerebral.
    those cards looks interesting. enjoy your weekend!

    • Hello Autumn! Thanks for joining me over here on my family blog – I have ofartandotherthings.com as my art blog. I love listening to what the boys can create in Minecraft. It’s very impressive in the way they plan and strategize. That being said, there is nothing like creating something with your hands. I am glad they like to do both. Whew! I haven’t tried cross-stitching yet but since they’ve done the string art and felting I think they may quite like it.

      Haven’t used the Path Cards yet. Hopefully this weekend. Just got the workbook in the mail today.

      Happy weekend to you too! xx

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