Homeschool Adventure Week #2 – Part3

Waldorf is big into nature and that is great for us because we have a trail near our home where we always make awesome discoveries.

Perfect camouflage. What do you see?


We love moths!


Hmmm…dualities? Before and after? Life and rebirth? Math in nature.


I don’t know what it is about grasshoppers lately but they love sitting on the boys’ hands!


We collected leaves and went home to do some printing.



L had the idea of printing both sides at once.

This is a most interesting leaf – it is soft and fuzzy on one side and smooth on the other. A wonderful discovery.


Fuzzy side printed.

X-fuzz-leaf-sideSmooth side.

Xs-smooth-side-leafI think we may be doing more leaf printing! Do you recognize any of the leaves from these prints?

Today we decided to go for a walk after dinner. Xman wanted to follow the Earth Adventures trail we had done previously and write out the directions for which way to go. L went ahead with Steve and had some great one on one time while X walked and wrote…

xman-writingand walked again and wrote…

X-on-rockIt got pretty dark near the end and we missed the blue heron that a couple had mentioned spotting but we did see a mink with a mouse (or some other furry fellow) in it’s grasp but he was too fast for my little camera.

L and Daddy were happy to spend the time together.


Xman was very proud of all of the writing he did and eager to share once he was finished.


He was very determined to walk the whole adventure trail and write it all down and L and Daddy were very interested in listening to him share it with them.


When X didn’t know how to spell a word we sounded it out together and for those tricky ones I told him how to spell them. In turn, he looked back on his work when he came upon the word again in order to spell it correctly. I told him to not worry about spelling for now but he was determined to spell the words correctly from the get go. I find both boys are picky when it comes to spelling, that’s part of the writing experience for them.

This next pic? It sums up the week and my effort to steer clear of things. (It worked).


Here comes Monday and Week 3! I will try to keep the pics to a minimum but I cannot guarantee anything! 😉

What did you do this last week? We’d love to hear about it!

10 thoughts on “Homeschool Adventure Week #2 – Part3

    • Thank you! The leaf printing was so much fun! I was inspired by this book. We are big fans of moths and butterflies and have found some pretty interesting ones around us this summer. We are bug people. 🙂

  1. Eek! Love this. You guys are finding and doing some super great nature things! Those leaf prints turned out awesome.
    We have been watching the Canada geese arrive in huge flocks and looking for those little hints of fall here in the high desert. 🙂

    • Thanks, Dawn. We have found a couple sites online but somehow not this one – we will definitely check it out! It looks similar to The Ladybug Project. 🙂

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