Eesh, he did it again…

…yes, that darned bug got Xman again and the same eye as last time! Two years ago in June, the boys were playing outside and Xman got bit near his eye. It just looked like a mosquito bite but it bled a bit. By the evening it was swelling. That was about 4 hours later and seemed unusual to me. Well, by next morning I couldn’t believe how he looked! I think the popsicle helped. Such a sad, big bottom lipped, boy!


You should have seen the other kid. Kidding…kidding.


Poor guy, he did well despite his lack of depth perception. I think the apis may have helped his eye this time around from swelling as much as last time.

Alas, I did not have a popsicle to hand over but I still got the big bottom lip.


He got some carrot cake instead. Yum!

xmanseye_02Hmmm…must post more images with my good camera (I used my point and shoot for the last two). The first ones look much better.

Alas, he’s still a cutie!


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