Our week in review | July 11 pt2

Yesterday we decided to take a morning hike along the Salt Marsh Trail. The trail extends for many kilometres and there are many parking areas along the trail depending on where you want to hike. We decided to make it a short walk as we ended up getting out just before noon and it was already hot.

It was a beautiful walk and I am glad that I brought my DSLR to take some photographs. The quality far, far outweighs my handy phone or even point and shoot. I get lazy though, some days and want to travel light. The camera backpack made the walk that much hotter but it was worth it.

11Jul2015_Salt Marsh_01 11Jul2015_Salt Marsh_02 This part of the trail consisted of mostly wooded areas so we super sprayed on the diy bug deterrent. 11Jul2015_Salt Marsh_03X-man loves the ferns and so do I so I needed to take a quick pic of them all gathered together. So pretty.
11Jul2015_Salt Marsh_04 At one point in the trail the woods open up and you see Cole Harbour. What a beautiful site. I asked the boys to hold back so I could take this shot.11Jul2015_Salt Marsh_05 11Jul2015_Salt Marsh_08 I love all of the wildflowers in our area, from the buttercups and horse vetch to the lupins (now fading) and daisies. Plus, the little islands that are scattered about our province as so lovely. 11Jul2015_Salt Marsh_09 11Jul2015_Salt Marsh_10 11Jul2015_Salt Marsh_11 We happened upon these hug dandelions – at least that what I figure they were but the seed pods were as big as the one of the boys’ fists!11Jul2015_Salt Marsh_12 11Jul2015_Salt Marsh_13 11Jul2015_Salt Marsh_14Love spotting the wild irises!

11Jul2015_Salt Marsh_16It was a great week that ended nicely with our walk. We were happy to head back, though, to the coolness of our home because the heat and bugs were getting to be too much. The rest of the day was spent tending to the garden, drawing and watching a movie.

What was your week like? 🙂