Make and Listen

This is my first time joining in on the Make&Listen Along for I am finally starting a new project! I recently knitted a hat for myself, although easy as it was I kept making mistakes. Now onto some fingerless gloves and a hat for the boys which I hope to have done before this wonderful fall season is over (fingers crossed!). Not too long ago we were walking through a forest on a search for some goodies to add to the Nature Exchange of which we are very excited to participate in, and I realized that although I had the convenience and comfort of fingerless gloves for this work, the boys did not. It was due time to make something similar for the boys and after much searching they unanimously decided on this pattern.

There is a pile of books waiting for my attention as I try to finally-with-no-excuses get back into art making and make those dreams a reality! Etsy maybe and art gallery store!

Today as I crocket and learn ‘no-foundation single crochet’ and joining in the round without a gap, the boys are busy listening to a classic Bare Naked Ladies Album and playing Life while the scent of rice and quinoa cooking fills the room.

A good day to be.

If you have something to share that you are listening to as you are making share along here!


minecraft gloves copy

Make-and-Listen-Oct24minecraft gloves copy