Summer Solstice

We had a wonderful time celebrating the solstice at a dear friend’s place with some great families. The boys had a super awesome time and the adults got some good chat and chill time too.

The landscape was so different from our back yard city-space so there was much to explore. S’mores and other foods were eaten over a very cool fire pit (darn, didn’t take that picture!).

The kids were deeply invested in a Nerf gun game when it was time to go so thankfully everyone left at the same time. I always say a mass exodus is the best plan when you must bring the fun to an end.

I am very thankful to have such amazing friends with which to share and celebrate the longest day of the year.

Feeling blessed.

Hope you had a wonderful solstice as well!

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3 thoughts on “Summer Solstice

  1. Beautiful photos! We had such a lovely time. And this morning the obsessive talk was about Nerf guns rather than Minecraft, for the first time in I don`t know how many months!

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