Scoopin’ Poop!

That’s right. We were scooping’ the poop yesterday and we had such a great time!

A friend of mine introduced me to one of her friends that owns two alpaca and a big pile of poop. Jen needed to get rid of the composted poop and we were more than willing to help knowing that our vegetable gardens would thank us!

We all had a great time learning about the alpaca who are native to South America and related to the camel. See that split front lip? Just like a camel. And their poop looks pretty much like a rabbit’s but bigger.

Both L and Xman had new gloves bought just yesterday as they love helping with the shovelling in the garden and their old ones were no where to be found. This is the worm we found in our yard while digging the day before. It’s a beauty!


With new gloves they were excited to help scoop. L lasted a few minutes then found it of more interest to feed Jack and Carl. Understandable. They are just so cute!


08May2014_Alpaca_05L did eventually come back to help scoop with Xman while I took some pictures. Eventually, I got in trouble by Xman for not holding the bag and scooping. Wow, I never expected him to take this so seriously, he was right into the poop scooping and loving it – he just needed someone to hold open the bag! He scooped until the end! He’s my poop scoop trooper!

08May2014_Alpaca_0208May2014_Alpaca_04From time to time we all got a bit distracted by the newfound red backed salamanders, centipedes and pill bugs. I think the boys found five salamanders. It was hard to get a picture of one as they are pretty wiggly runners!

08May2014_Alpaca_06Here’s Jen with her awesome animals! Thanks Jen! I think in all we packed up 17 bags total and I can say for certain that we all had a great time!

08May2014_Alpaca_07 08May2014_Alpaca_08 08May2014_Alpaca_09






3 thoughts on “Scoopin’ Poop!

  1. Eeek! So bummed we missed it! Hopefully we will have the chance to get out there soon.
    Looks like a great time was had by all. Great pics too.
    Love it that X was so into it!
    And that “Holy Shit” book I’m reading is all about animal manure, so it makes me want that poop even more! ;-(

    • You were certainly missed, Dawn, and the kids would have loved it – if not the poop then the little creatures found would have proved fun. I’ll save some poop for ya. šŸ˜‰

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