Conrad’s Beach

One of THE BEST things about living in Nova Scotia is that you do not have to go far at all to find yourself in a natural surrounding. Yesterday morning we went with friends to our usual park and trails and this afternoon to a beach.

Oh, what a great day! I’m pooped! But it was worth it because the weather was amazing and we were in the company of good friends. What could be better?

IMG_6075 The water was freezing but that certainly didn’t stop these boys!IMG_6076 IMG_6077 IMG_6078 IMG_6088 Digging, digging, digging! I love that they still become so enthralled with sand and all of the things you can create.IMG_6095I found this amazing shell with some coral anchored into the top. Nova Scotia coral is often white and very small.

IMG_6082 IMG_6084 After taking a good look I had to bring it home to draw. It reminds me so much of a heart with all of its veins and arteries. Goodness, it’s just the coolest.IMG_6083And then there was this guy making the most of an amazing day. Totally.IMG_6100

4 thoughts on “Conrad’s Beach

    • I keep thinking everyday that I need to stop and draw the she’ll – it’s driving me crazy that I haven’t done it yet! haha! 🙂

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