A busy and fun New Year’s Day!

As I previously posted, yesterday was the first snowfall of the season and we were all very excited as the big flakes floated down and muffled the city sounds. So beautiful indeed!

After lunch, the boys went outside to play a bit while I busied myself indoors – after taking some quick pics of them, of course. The snow was a bit sticky but it made trying out the new slide no less fun!

01Jan2015_NYE Fun_01 01Jan2015_NYE Fun_03Mooooon. 🙂

01Jan2015_NYE Fun_02

After a dinner of home-made pizza (so yum!) I sat down with the boys and they broke out their new felting kit and string art.

Xman had a bit of help from me placing the pins into the cardboard for his string art. It’s a tricky business getting them straight, I know, from my own string art creations when I was a kid! We didn’t get all of the pins in but it was a good start.

01Jan2015_NYE Fun_04

01Jan2015_NYE Fun_05

I was quite impressed with L’s determination with the felting, especially this being his (our) first time with needle felting. He became quite good with the needle and by the end I knew I didn’t have to keep a close eye on what he was doing to make sure he didn’t felt his fingers!

01Jan2015_NYE Fun_06

The boys are totally hooked on Kirby since they borrowed a wii game from their friends. L decided to forego making a critter with instructions from the kit and make a Kirby instead. Not bad. Not bad indeed, especially for the first time. I’d say L is pretty pleased! =¬) (face made by L)01Jan2015_NYE Fun_07

And then today, for post-breakfast snack…popcorn! This time with some coconut oil and salt. Oh my goodness!02Jan2015_NYE Fun_08



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