This weekend was one of very few that I have off entirely. I usually work Sundays so this was a treat. Down side, Stephen had a lot of work to do which made it easier with me off to hang with the boys. We got out briefly to be a part of a very important demonstration walk in downtown. The boys chanted and carried signs. It was important that they see people standing up for what they believe in. It’s one think to tell them about it and another to be a part of it. I think it makes it real.

16Nov13_Climate change01

16Nov13_Climate change04 16Nov13_Climate change05It felt good to be a part of something significant. Hope to do it again.

We went for some much needed sustenance after all that walking. The past few times the boys have had their program at the art gallery we’ve passed Tim’s and they’ve asked for ice cream. It was only 7C outside but I couldn’t say no. 🙂

16Nov13_Climate change06Then we went for a walk along the harbour. Beautiful.

16Nov13_Climate change07

The boys learned about this NSCAD couple’s work during their visit to the gallery this week so it was a must to see this in person.
16Nov13_Climate change12

16Nov13_Climate change09

On our way up to MEC for winter mitts (which ended in purchasing winter gloves) for the boys (and almost snowshoes!!) we spotted some sea creatures!

16Nov13_Climate change13 16Nov13_Climate change14

It was a lovely Saturday, however, by the time we arrived home Stephen had a killer migraine (the chanting probably didn’t help). It was a very lay low evening.

Today,  I was invited with a friend to an artisan’s show and sale. Oh my how fun and wonderful to see and talk with other artists! So inspiring!

After lunch I went outside to fix the piece of glass I installed and caulked on my cold frame. The caulking didn’t take probably due to dampness. Ugh. I doubt it will take this time either. I may have to bring the top into the basement to let it set tomorrow.

Meanwhile, to my delight, the boys came outside and raked into a huge pile as high as X (no kidding!) all the leaves in our yard and then proceeded to jump into them. They had a great time!

17Nov13_Leaf fun_01 17Nov13_Leaf fun_03 17Nov13_Leaf fun_05

While they did this, and in-between my picture taking and video recording I mended some clothing while sipping tea and snacking. It was nice, yes, it was very, very nice.

17Nov13_Leaf fun_07For more weekending fun go this way!


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    • Yes, it was a busy weekend! Thankfully it was a good, busy weekend! Yes, Nova Scotia is just beautiful. I am not originally from here but call it home now. 🙂

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