Tinker Crate for March – Hydraulics

This month’s Tinker Crate is all about hydraulics! Is that not super-cool or what? The boys certainly think so and I have to agree. They have had a great timing making some cool stuff. The Tinkerzine shows a bunch of cool links and ideas, plus some background on hydraulics.

Here’s a glimpse…

03Mar2015_Hydrolics_01 03Mar2015_Hydrolics_02 03Mar2015_Hydrolics_03 03Mar2015_Hydrolics_04

These monthly kits from Tinker Crate are so wonderful and they are something that gets the boys completely absorbed in a project where there is no planning or help needed on my part. Perfect! and a break for me. 😉 Plus, I love watching and listening to them problem solving together and learning the coolness of tinkering.

3 thoughts on “Tinker Crate for March – Hydraulics

  1. We just got this in the mail yesterday…can’t wait to put the kids to work on it this weekend. And this statement just made my day: “no planning or help needed on my part.”

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