Seeing green

We have finally experienced some mild weather here in the maritimes! I can still look out my window and see snow but it is far less than it was a couple of weeks ago. We are still getting a bit of below zero temps at night but I can see the grass and that is a good sign. The birds are not depending solely on bird feeder food any longer after a really rough winter with many birds not surviving. 🙁

We recently went to our local park for a good walk. Yay! 10 degrees! Oh how it makes you feel full of renewed energy as the earth wakes up and comes alive once more.

As you can see there is still some snow. The boys loved that they could still easily sit on top of this bench.

12Apr2015_Shubie Melt_01 Our favourite spot – the brook! It was so lovely to see water rushing loudly over the rocks as the snow melted in the sunshine.12Apr2015_Shubie Melt_02Looking for squirrels…12Apr2015_Shubie Melt_03 There is still plenty of snow and slushy ice on the lakes but it made for some good fun. 12Apr2015_Shubie Melt_04 The boys and I threw chunks of ice into the water and watched the slush catch the chunks. I couldn’t help but take some pictures of the ice chunks. 12Apr2015_Shubie Melt_0712Apr2015_Shubie Melt_09 12Apr2015_Shubie Melt_11And to wear only a hat and a hoodie? Awesomeness!12Apr2015_Shubie Melt_10 The ducks were busily foraging for food with their mates. 12Apr2015_Shubie Melt_12Bottoms up!12Apr2015_Shubie Melt_14 Love love love the moss!12Apr2015_Shubie Melt_15

Gotta love nature!

2 thoughts on “Seeing green

  1. Goodness you still have so much snow left, but I am glad it is melting and that you are starting to see some green. I hope the warmer temperatures reach you soon. We have been enjoying beautiful spring days in the high teens and low twenties….sending some your way 🙂

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