Rain Sticks

What do you do on a very rainy day? Make rain sticks, of course!

Xman was a little reluctant at first but when we arrived at our friend’s house and he saw he would be using a hammer and nails, well, he got right to it like the rest of the boys. Good fun!


21Apr2015_Rain Sticks_0121Apr2015_Rain Sticks_0421Apr2015_Rain Sticks_03

After all that fun creating the boys needed a quiet break. 21Apr2015_Rain Sticks_05 How many times does it take to get good pic of four boys? 😉21Apr2015_Rain Sticks_06 21Apr2015_Rain Sticks_07 21Apr2015_Rain Sticks_08

3 thoughts on “Rain Sticks

    • I’d been wanting to make some with the boys for a while so this worked out great. They were all really keen and so good with the hammer and nails. Whew!

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