Natalie Norton, some inspiration…

So, today I had a half hour before starting dinner and I thought it would be a great time to do a post (which won out over editing). But, I got caught up with the tab open at the time which is my Google Reader. Within Reader you can subscribe to various blogs without having to leave the Reader site. Pretty cool. I have 385 unread posts from other blog and counting. I don’t get to it often, but at times, it can be photographically inspirational and sometimes spiritually.

Today, I became absorbed in Natalie Norton, a wonderful photographer whose blog I’d found over a year ago, although I don’t recall how. She has been through hell and back and always gets me ‘right there’ with her words. I either leave tearful from sorrow of her past loss or inspired by her strength, or both. She is amazing.

I copied this from her blog and plan to use something like it for myself as a reminder each day (especially the tough days which are sometimes more abundant than they should be):

My commitment moving forward

1.  I will thank God for my blessings every, single day.

2.  I will LOVE and CHERISH my living children. . . in honor of Almira. . . who could not do so for her own. (not sure who Almira is but need to check it out)

3. I will continue the legacy of service left by brave and beautiful Lucy. I will not wallow in grief or hide behind self-pity and doubt; I will step forward and lose myself in doing good, every day, and always. (Lucy, not sure…)

4. I will continue to write, that my children (and theirs) might know me, completely–that they might know my deep, abiding love for them and for that God who gives us life. I will write the TRUTH, as I see it, from the bottom of my soul.

5. I will seek God more completely. I will strive to know him more intimately, through sincere prayer, openly expressed gratitude, and daily study of his inspired word.

Aloooooha, N

Check out her blog if you get a moment. You may need more than a moment. 🙂


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