Homeschool Adventure Week 9

This past week we sent out our nature box to Latvia! We loved being a part of the nature exchange! These are some of the finding we have left over. Hmmm…now where to put them all?

The boys helped as we identified some of our findings. It was hard work and a lot of research and picture comparing but it was a great learning experience. Here are some of the sites we used for our identification:

Rock Identification Guide

Acorn Identification Guide which brought us to this

Oak Leaf Identification Guide

and along the way we found an animal scat guide for all those times you run into something other than dog poo (yay) on the trail.

We found this one for moss and lichen in our area

and this for seaweed.

All packaged up and off it went with one of the leaf prints we made earlier this year and a feather for an added touch.


This week the boys and I made some yummy vegan rice crispy squares! We had found some vegan marshmallows at a local shop (oh so gooood!) and added a few of these even though they weren’t part of the recipe. I did add more dates and almond butter to make it all stick together more – I guess peanut butter must be stickier… Then we put dairy-free chocolate chips melted with a little almond milk on top. So good!


The boys are on their way to painting their five element stones. None of the paint stuck well except for the white so now they are painting them all white and then adding the colours on top. We shall see how it goes!


We watched this super cool video using a VW Beetle for instrumental sounds – watch all three versions, it’s very cool!

I made this super yummy soup originally posted by Dawn on FB but didn’t have enough garlic so we added powdered garlic later and oh, wow, maybe not the freshest thing but still did the job. The boys now love it on noodles too!

By the end of the week, we started to learn about space, again. It often comes back to space and I gotta say, it’s always very cool.

This is a great book and we have borrowed it from the library a multitude of times and really should purchase it at this point. We started from the beginning instead of jumping to where our question would be answered and found out exactly what light years really are and how to pronounce this number: 9,500,000,000,000. Not a good thing to do just before bed though, as there were a ton of questions swimming around in their heads!

I think we need to have a weekly question box blog post. We have a question box for those things that we can’t get to answering right away but somehow never get to it. Yes, a question box weekly blog post should do. 🙂

Today, we will be learning more about the weather, thanks to Mud Puddles ladies Dawn and Annie! Can’t wait!

What did you do last week? Anything cool and interesting that you’ve learned lately?




6 thoughts on “Homeschool Adventure Week 9

  1. There is just way too much to love about this post!
    We are going to have to make those crispy treats!
    Thank you for all of the link love! I hope you guys love the weather book as much as we loved creating it!

    • You’re welcome, Dawn! You two have started something wonderful with that site!
      It feels good to post what we have been doing – when life is so busy it’s nice to see that there has been some semblance of calm and natural learning as well, you know, the kind of learning that sticks. This blog is so good for me that way. 🙂
      Can’t wait to delve into the book! Yet again, a great example of fun, natural learning. Thanks again! 😉

  2. Wow, so much goodness. Love all the guides, we have the scat one, and quite a few of the other guides from the same company. We love them all. When other kiddos join us for nature adventures they look at me a little strangely when I bring out the scat guide, but it isn’t long before they start thinking how cool it is that I have a scat guide 🙂

    Your nature exchange package looks so lovely all wrapped up. We received ours from Israel today, so darn cool!

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

    • Oh cool, that’s great to know of someone who has the guides and loves them! I laughed to myself when you mentioned other kids seeing the scat guide – kids and poo somehow goes together! Haha!

      I hope you are going to post about your nature package from Israel! Would love to see what you received!

      We are working on three diminutional creations with the number six this week. I had no idea how fun numbers can be! 🙂

    • The cool thing too is all that we have left over, including a lot of shells! The boys are waiting patiently (very excited) for our package to arrive. 🙂

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